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Laser Cavity Finder

Laser Cavity Finder equipment

Most patients value healthy and attractive teeth and we believe that early detection of decay is the best way to preserve natural tooth structure. Studies show that 50% of cavities go undetected by present diagnostic methods because most cavities occur or hide in the complex occlusal anatomy, known as fissures, making diagnosis with traditional methods difficult, because the outer tooth surface often appears to be intact. The Spectra Caries Detection System aids in the detection of decay. It emits light energy into your tooth, which is reflected back as fluorescent light energy. Dr. Scianni can then detect any early changes in your tooth structure by comparing this reflected light energy to that of a healthy tooth. The Spectra Caries Detection System is over 90% effective in detecting very small lesions at their earliest stages, enabling us to conservatively treat and preserve your natural tooth structure. It also differentiates between stains in your teeth and real cavities. The Spectra Caries Detection System is non-invasive, safe, completely painless, quick and easy. It cannot be stressed enough that early detection is the key to lifelong oral health.

Laser Cavity FinderLaser Cavity Finder diagram