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Cosmetic Dentures

Just because you wear dentures doesn't mean you have to look like you do. With today's advanced techniques and materials denture wearers do not have to resign themselves to poor fitting false teeth that create a sunken face and aged look. As we get older we lose bone structure due to tooth loss or gum disease resulting in the lower part of the face appearing collapsed or sunken which makes us look older than we should. Even if you don't have bone loss before you get dentures, bone loss is natural after you get dentures because bone will naturally disappear after your teeth are lost. This can have a negative impact on our self-confidence and self-esteem. Additionally poor fitting dentures can make it very difficult to chew properly. With cosmetic dentures, the stereotypical denture look is a thing of the past, because they are more comfortable and can provide a younger and more youthful look. Cosmetic dentures improve the physical dimensions of your face and allow your lips to lay against the teeth properly. By designing them where the muscles are most relaxed, your dentures will fit and function better and provide the optimum facial support with a younger and more natural look. Cosmetic dentures will provide support for your face as your natural teeth, soft tissue and bone did previously.

If you are a partial denture wearer, cosmetic denture procedures can be used to design your new partial denture with the added benefit of removing those unsightly metal clasps.