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New Technology

3D Imaging with Galileos
To provide you with the best dental care available, we have recently invested in the latest technology in dental diagnostics, the Galileos® 3D Dental Cone Beam by Sirona. Galileos® 3D imaging provides pin point accuracy so we can offer the most EFFICIENT, SAFEST and ACCURATE dentistry available anywhere today.

3D Implants- Guided Implant Placement
Whether it’s one tooth or multiple teeth that are missing, with our modern technology Dr. Scianni is able to extract teeth (as needed), place implants and restore a new tooth or teeth in the same day. What normally would take 6-7 visits can be completed in as few as 2 visits in four easy steps, Scan, Plan, Place and Restore.

CEREC - One Visit Dentistry
The dental profession is evolving, and thanks to recent innovations in dentistry, proper dental care does not have to take away from your regularly scheduled life

Digital Radiography
Dental x-rays are vitally important because they help detect dental problems at an early stage.

Sterilization and Infection Control
Ultrasonic cleaners provide meticulous debridement prior to sterilizing the dental instruments in our state-of-the-art autoclave machine. We follow strict ADA guidelines to sterilize our instruments for each procedure.

Intra-Oral Camera
While x-rays provide valuable information that we can't get from any other source, they can't show everything that's going on in a patient’s mouth. That's why we use an intraoral camera.

Oral Cancer Screening
According to the American Cancer Society, in 2013, an estimated 82,760 new cases of oral cavity and oropharyngeal cancer will be diagnosed in the United States, causing approximately 15,800 deaths.

Every hour of every day in America someone dies of oral cancer. Oral cancer is the sixth most common diagnosed form of cancer in the United States and is one of the few cancers in which the rate of detection is increasing among young adults

Another component of our oral cancer screening process is the OralCDx® oral brush biopsy test. This instrument allows us to easily and painlessly test for oral precancer or cancer.

Laser Cavity Finder
Most patients value healthy and attractive teeth and we believe that early detection of decay is the best way to preserve natural tooth structure. Studies show that 50% of cavities go undetected by present diagnostic methods because most cavities occur or hide in the complex occlusal anatomy, known as fissures, making diagnosis with traditional methods difficult,
Cosmetic Dental Imaging
When you decide to correct or enhance your smile, it's often difficult to determine ahead of time what your new smile would look like. After all, a smile is pretty personal thing, and changing your smile can feel like changing your identity.

Drill-Less Dentistry
Air abrasion is a delicate method to remove tooth decay. It blows a precise airstream of tiny, fine aluminum oxide particles out of its tip across the decayed area of the tooth.

Laser Dentistry
Lasers have revolutionized the way dentistry is practiced today. Compared to traditional methods, lasers perform a wide array of soft tissue procedures with far less collateral tissue damage and immediate hemostasis, promoting faster healing with less gingival recession.

Electric Dental Drill
Dr. Scianni now has quieter dental drills. Traditional dental headpieces are very loud because they use an air turbine, similar to an airplane jet engine, to power the drill.

Pain-Free Injections
Many people are afraid of needles and avoid the dentist because they hate and fear dental injections. Fortunately, there are many new devices and techniques to make dental numbing, comfortable and stress-free.

Decay Indication Stain
Ever wonder how the dentist tells when all the decay is removed from the tooth? All dentists are taught to feel around with a sharp pick and determine if the density is soft or hard.