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Laser Dentistry

SOL cavity detection system

Lasers have revolutionized the way dentistry is practiced today. Compared to traditional methods, lasers perform a wide array of soft tissue procedures with far less collateral tissue damage and immediate hemostasis, promoting faster healing with less gingival recession. Our patients benefit from a higher standard of care, with faster healing times and reduced postoperative discomfort. Dr. Scianni presently uses two different lasers. One to diagnose and find hidden cavities using the Spectra Caries Detection System and the other is called the SOL to treat soft tissue.These applications include canker sore and cold sore treatment, cosmetic soft tissue procedures, non surgical periodontal treatment, periodontal bacterial reduction, tooth (root) desensitizaton and to facilitate healing of soft tissue trauma such as:

  • Irritation from orthodontic wires.
  • Denture sores.
  • Extraction sites.
  • Abrasion or cutting of the gum tissue.
  • Burns of the palate or gum tissue due to hot foods such as pizza,etc.
  • And many other applications.

Laser Canker Sore Treatment
Many people needlessly suffer from canker sores or apthous ulcers. Gentle laser energy is used in our office to quickly heal these painful and sometimes debilitating mouth ulcers.

Laser Lip Herpes and Cold Sore Treatment
No one likes to have a cold sore on their lip. Cold sores can be uncomfortable, unaesthetic and inconvienient. They generally break out in response to trauma, or whenever physical or psychological levels spike.

Laser Assisted Periodontal Therapy
Periodontal disease or gum disease is an infection of bone and supporting structures of your teeth. Before 30 years of age, decay is the major reason for tooth loss and after 30 years of age, gum disease is the major reason for tooth loss.

Laser Bacterial Reduction
The founders of The Mayo Clinic have declared: "A healthy mouth can add years to your life!"They were referring to a growing body of evidence that has linked serious gum disease, also known as periodontitis, to a number of "systemic diseases that afflict the body.

Laser Cosmetic Soft Tissue Procedures
The addition of laser technology in dentistry has allowed Dr. Scianni to perform a variety of soft-tissue (gum) procedures to obtain the best cosmetic results possible. The expanded laser treatment capabilities, makes it easier to provide patients with better, faster and more comfortable care.

Laser Root Desensitization
Sensitive teeth can be caused by many things. Most often this is caused by gum recession. Most of the time people brush too hard or use a hard or medium toothbrush and cause the root surfaces to wear.

The use of a dental laser may make you feel more comfortable and less anxious during your treatments. If you are interested in learning more about procedures that use soft tissue dental laser technology, please Contact Us.