3D Implants- Guided Implant Placement

Whether it’s one tooth or multiple teeth that are missing, with our modern technology Dr. Scianni is able to extract teeth (as needed), place implants and restore a new tooth or teeth in the same day. What normally would take 6-7 visits can be completed in as few as 2 visits in four easy steps, Scan, Plan, Place and Restore.

Appointment 1

Step 1 Scan
The first step in our dental implant procedure is to have a 3D Cone Beam CT scan taken of your teeth and mouth. This cutting-edge technology captures a precise 360 degree image of your head which allows Dr. Scianni to locate important anatomical structures typically hidden by traditional x-rays, to place your dental implant with the greatest degree of safety and security.

The next scan in our dental implant procedure is a digital impression taken with our CEREC scanner where a special camera is used to take an accurate 3D impression of your mouth including the area being restored with the dental implant .

This optical impression is then transferred and displayed on a color Computer screen, where Dr. Scianni or his staff uses CAD technology to design the virtual restoration that will be placed on the dental implant.

The final step in our scan process is to integrate or stitch together the Galileos 3D scan, the CEREC digital impression and the CEREC virtual restoration. This will allow Dr. Scianni to plan the placement and restoration of your dental implant, to give you the best possible result with the least invasive surgery and post-operative discomfort in a minimum number of visits.

Step 2 Plan
The scan data is then imported into our Galaxis implant planning Software where Dr. Scianni can simulate the implant position and restoration on a 3D model with accurate information about the patient's anatomy. By means of our 3D implant software, Dr. Scianni can plan the implant procedure more safely, efficiently and quickly. Dr. Scianni advocates a restorative based approach which means that the placement of the implant is planned to give the patient the best aesthetic result with the safest implant placement.

The 3D implant plan is now uploaded to SICAT, a German company to produce a surgical guide to be used for the implant placement.

Appointment 2

Step 3 Place
Dr. Scianni uses the SICAT surgical guide because the main difficulty in Implantology lies in the precision with which the implants are inserted. The surgical guide is used for the ideal positioning of implants in the three dimensions of space and to prevent complications that could occur during surgery. Dr. Scianni now places the implant with less invasive surgery, while increasing safety, predictability and patient satisfaction.

Step 4 Restore
The final step in our implant procedure is to restore the implant by placing a crown on it. A temporary crown may be placed at the time of surgery if conditions permit, if not the restoration will be placed a few months later.

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