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Pain-Free Injections

Many people are afraid of needles and avoid the dentist because they hate and fear dental injections. Fortunately, there are many new devices and techniques to make dental numbing, comfortable and stress-free. We have many ways to make your injection as comfortable as possible which include

  • Numbing gel- our numbing gel or topical anesthetic is compounded by our pharmacist and made by combining several numbing agents together in a proprietary formula.
  • Innovative needles- we use short, thin, ultra sharp dental needles with a triple bevel design to facilitate the passing of the needle through the gum with little discomfort.
  • Injection technique- the majority of pain associated with dental injections is the technique by which it is administered, the fast expelling of the local anesthetic into the gum all at once is usually the cause. Dr. Scianni has developed a technique to administer the local anesthetic as slow as possible along with injecting in stages, a little at a time allowing the gums to get numb gradually thereby making the injections as comfortable as possible.