Tooth Colored Fillings

Bonded composite resin is an ideal filling material for its natural appearance and the near perfect color match we can get with your teeth. In addition because the composite resin bonds to your tooth it helps to restore your tooth’s natural strength. The use of silver / mercury fillings has been very limited in our dental practice for many years now. It has been found that old silver fillings darken the teeth, act like a wedge in a tooth which often leads to tooth fractures that lead to more extensive treatment and contain mercury which may be a concern for some patients. Dr. Scianni highly recommends that when the old silver filling needs to be removed they should be replaced with a bonded composite resin to restore the natural beauty and strength of your tooth. Bonded composite resin fillings make great restorations as long as the filling doesn’t get too large. If the lost tooth structure is too large, but not as much as to need a Crown, a filling may not work in these cases. In these situations, Dr. Scianni will recommend a porcelain inlay or onlay instead of a crown to strengthen the tooth, conserve as much natural tooth as possible and reduce the cost of treatment to the patient.

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